Ysoy Chain Farm has created
an ecosystem that will bridge agribusiness to the Blockchain.

The Ysoy-BNB Protocol is a group of non-competitive, interoperable, decentralized, smart multichain contracts that provide the building blocks for DeFi development.

The project provides a bridge to connect the economics of BINANCE-based DeFi products to growing DeFi markets in other blockchains.

Ysoy chain Farm is the first product built on the BNB protocol smart contracts with a GROUP OF SMART CONTRACTS.

Limited Supply

Ysoy is a token with a short and limited supply, this characteristic allows a high MCap in a short time increasing Ysoy appreciation.

  • Only 10K tokens
  • Full Decentralization
  • 100% in the Blockchain
  • Staking Platform
    in the Blockchain
  • Burnt Liquidity
  • Total Supply
    in Circulation


Ysoy Chain Farm team have a clear vision of what they want to reach, and they share the main blockchain idea: full decentralization. This is why they decided to put almost 100% supply in circulation.

Token Sale Proceeds

  • Dev Deployer
  • Dev 2
  • Founder 1
  • Founder 2

Token Distribution

  • Ysoy Team
  • Bounty & Airdrops
  • Circulating Supply

Read the Whitepaper

All the plan and the ecosystem functioning can be seen in the whitepaper. In it the team have outlined how the token rendering works and how the Ysoy Token Family can be brought forth.

Of course, our plan for the future and a glimpse on what will be done after the last token is on air, that is, how Ysoy Chain Farm will create a brigde to connect the Agribusiness and the Blockchain.

Ysoy Chain Farm Roadmap

Ysoy ecosystem was thought to ease the integration between the blockchain and the agribusiness. As a form of secutity it's initial liquidity was BURNT.

Early March 2021

Ysoy Smart Contract Deploy, launching and initial liquidity burnt.

Late March 2021

yTofu Smart Contract Deploy - Farm and Stake start to run.

May 2021

HotBit listing. Ysoy peaks 6K USD.

July 2021

HotBit listing for yTofu. yTofu peaks 250 USD.

September 2021

Ysoy at Coin Marketcap and Coingecko.

Year 2022

Ysoy with 4,7K holders. Stays stables during crypto winter and bear run.

February 2023

Website revamping and adjustments in the roadmap.

May 2023

ySoymilk launching.

May 2024

ySoybean Oil Launching.

Access Ysoy Chain Farm dApp through Trust Wallet or Metamask

You can navigate using your wallet internal browser so you can connect with safety and manage your assets.
Ysoy Chain Farm runs 100% in the Blockchain, it's totally hacking proof.
Its dApp has no server, you wallet interacts directly with Ysoy Chain Farm contracts and router to the pools.